Drunk Musicals is performing every Monday and Saturday night until June 17th at The Green Fig at Yotel Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Tickets available here!

Come check us out every monday and saturday at

Green Fig at Yotel Hotel


Drunk Musicals started at The West End Lounge 6 years ago when Kaylee was working the Monday night Open Mics. At the time, she was binging Drunk History and one night after heavily drinking after work and singing at the open mic, she thought “why not combine the two’? Why not sing musicals while the audience sends shots to challenge the actors? Most of these people who attended the open mic were doing it anyways! She came up with the concept of it being like a “cast party”…we would parody the musical, get drunk, but also tell the story of it so that people who haven’t seen the show would understand the concept and eventually want to go see the actual production.

So, after a lot of asking around, Kaylee was introduced to Michael, who when told about the concept was immediately on board. Michael put together the music and handled all of the orchestrations. The first show was Thoroughly Modern Millie and it played to a sold out house. Since that day, Drunk Musicals was born!

They put their heads together to create the Drunk Musicals we know and love today! We’ve come a long way since our days at The West End, but it’s so fun to look back and see how far we’ve come!

and just as fun and interactive as possible.